Seven Cricut products to help with your business

July 26, 2023

Cricut offers a wide range of products that can be beneficial for businesses, especially those involved in crafting, personalized products, and small-scale manufacturing. Using the right tools can provide you with the capabilities to unleash your creativity and enhance your business offerings. Let’s explore some of the top Cricut products that can help boost your business.

Cricut Venture

This powerhouse is the newest addition to the Cricut cutting machine lineup. If you’re looking to take your business to the next level, the Cricut Venture checks all the boxes. Speed and precision are two major factors when operating a business, and this machine cuts 100+ materials at commercial speeds, letting you get more orders out the door in less time. 

Sarah Seidl, a crafter who just reopened her Etsy shop specializing in iron-on items during the holidays, says the stand makes getting the machine out and ready a breeze, and has saved her so much space in her work area. The look, functionality, and kid-safe features made the stand a must-have when using the Cricut Venture. 

Smart Materials

Smart Materials are designed to feed directly into your Cricut machine. Why does this matter? Cricut maker and owner of KDC Craft Shop, Koi Chavez, appreciates this feature as it saves valuable time by eliminating the need to measure, cut and load material onto a mat. “The convenience and time-saving aspect of these Smart Materials have made them an indispensable part of my day-to-day operations.” This time-saving technique can help with batch orders or making your products in bulk in preparation to build up inventory.

Cricut Autopress

Make more in less time with the Cricut Autopress. It is the perfect professional heat press made for home use but with commercial power. When you need to make in batches, create larger designs, or want to press thicker items, the Autopress may be the perfect machine. It works with iron-on (HTV), Infusible Ink and sublimation materials, and delivers with power and precision every time. 

Cricut BrightPad

When working with intricate or fine cuts, weeding and tracing can become a bit more difficult. The Cricut BrightPad allows for precise weeding and alignment with less eye strain. Its light and ultra slim profile offers adjustable brightness levels, making it an essential tool for businesses that require attention to detail. 

Bulk materials

When running a business, it’s important to consider both the quality and cost-effectiveness of the materials you use. By purchasing larger quantities upfront, you can anticipate your material needs and secure inventory for future orders. Cricut offers a variety of materials in bulk, such as vinyl, iron-on (HTV), transfer tape, mats and even mug blanks.

Cricut tools

Aside from machines and materials, tools play a huge part in the making process. There are certain tools that are used for every project, and therefore should be staples in your arsenal. Dawn Peterson, a talented maker who owns several Cricut machines, also uses several tool sets strategically stationed in her craft space. The weeding tool, spatula, and scraper are among the items she uses for every project. 

Design Space

While not a physical product, Cricut Design Space is an essential software tool for Cricut machine owners. As a business owner, creating original designs can be the key to your success. In Design Space, you have free rein to create and customize your own designs, as well as access an extensive library of images, fonts, and projects. There are tons of templates/images of price tags, business cards, thank you notes specific for small businesses to add a personalized touch!

Investing in the right tools can significantly impact the success of your business. The products mentioned all offer exceptional capabilities to help streamline your workflow, increase productivity, and produce high-quality, customized products.